Inspired Discoveries Lives Up to its Name

Our first undergraduate research and creativity symposium, held in the Moot Courtroom on Friday, April 30, was entitled “Inspired Discoveries.” It was an appropriate title for the day as the student presentations were inspiring indeed. As I listened to the eight student presentations, I was inspired and incredibly proud of the students. All were examples of great academic achievement.

The day’s two winners, Patrick Hurley from the Merrick School of Business, and Emily Lyles from the Yale Gordon College of Liberal Arts, had remarkable projects and presented them well. They obviously were passionate about their work, and they completed engaged the audience. But while the selection committee agreed that these were the top presentations, all the students’ projects were interesting and well-executed.

We hope to have all the students’ projects available in our online archive for Inspired Discoveries within the next few weeks. I hope you’ll visit and view these projects by some of our most talented undergraduates.

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