Labor Day Facts fom the Census Bureau

In honor of Labor Day, the U. S. Census Bureau has released a fact sheet about the holiday. For instance:

  • There are 151 million people age 16 or older in the nation’s labor force in May 2006. Among the nation’s workers are 81.2 million men and 69.8 million women.
  • 7.5 million workers hold more than one job. Of these moonlighters, 3.9 million work full time at their primary job and part time at their other job. About 294,000 moonlighters work full time at both jobs.
  • 10.5 million workers are self-employed.
  • 5 million people work at home.

Want to know more about Census data available online and at Langsdale? You can contact the Reference Desk, or go to the Langsdale Government Documents website.

Have a happy (and relaxing) Labor Day!

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