New Gov Docs Titles: March 2008

Here are some of the new titles that you can find in the Langsdale Government Documents Collection:

Print/CD/DVD (online version linked when available)

  • Intelligence Community Legal Reference Book, Fall 2007. (PrEx 28.2: L52)
    Collects important legislation and legal guidelines used by the Intelligence Community. From the Office of the Director of National Intelligence.
  • IRS Tax Products CD & DVD. (T 22.51/4:2007/REV. 2008/FINAL)
    Current and previous year forms and instructions on CD; historical tax forms and instructions in PDF format on DVD. Includes all iterations of forms and instructions (Example: All versions of Form 1040 from 1913 – present, plus the first tax form used in 1864).

    All pubs are available in PDF form 1994-present; older ones are not available in PDF format, so they are not included here.

    For 2007, multilingual products are included, along with Title 26 (Internal Revenue Code), IRS e-File information, Tax Map, and Tax Topics.

  • Occupational Injuries and Illnesses: Counts, Rates, and Characteristics, 2005 (L2.3/11:2005)
    Includes a spiral-bound book and 2 CDs.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2008-2009. (GP 3.22/2: 270/2008-2009)
  • Our Flag. (Y 1.1/3:109-18)
    This booklet includes a history of the U. S. Flag and rules on how to fly it, as well as a section on state flags and a copy of the Pledge of Allegiance.
  • Statistical Abstract of the United States: 2008. (C 3.134:2008)

For a list of new electronic titles available in March, please go the Catalog of Government Publications.

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