You don’t need a hard hat to visit, but it sure seems that way

Langsdale is open during construction!

It is true that the entrance way of Langsdale is undergoing a renovation, and that you need to enter along the side.
Open, but under contruction

It is also true that the first floor is a tad hard to navigate, and can get a bit noisy.
New "storefront"?

But the rest of the library is still open, relatively quiet and free of construction materials lying on the floor. Plus we will still answer your reference questions on the phone, even if it does feel like we are in the middle of a construction zone.

To make things more interesting desks and other furniture are being moved into the new staff area on the 2nd floor.
staff area

Most of the loudest work will be done when the library is closed, and all work is expected to be completed before too long. So don’t be afraid to stop in and check out a book or video, even if we are under construction.

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