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Flatlined lifts the veil of secrecy on twenty-first century health care and delves into the realities of good people caught in a bad medical system. Dr. Guy L. Clifton, a practitioner as well as a policy advocate, reveals first-hand accounts of needless tragedy, such as the young man who died after a car wreck for lack of a bed in a qualified hospital and the surgeon who was dejected by the scarcity of resources needed to enable him to perform heart surgery on an uninsured man.

Arguing that a lack of coordinated care and quality medical practice benchmarks result in high levels of redundancy and ineffectiveness, Clifton proposes that the key to reducing health care costs, improving quality, and financially protecting the uninsured, is to reduce wastefulness, and offers a solution for achieving success.

Provided through the generous support of Rutgers University Press, Flatlined will be available free to Langsdale Library patrons September 1-30. To access this title from the Langsdale Library homepage, click on NetLibrary (E-Books) and follow the links. Once in NetLibrary, click on the e-book of the month on the right side of the page. You will need your library barcode to access Flatlined.

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