Welcome from your Student Liaison

New to UB? Welcome to the school where knowledge works. I am Shamija Moncur the Student Liaison for the Langsdale library and like you, I’ve been there too. As the student Liaison it is my job to:
1.Enhance the communication between the library and students.
2.Find out exactly what the students require from the library
3.Increase student participation in library programs and activities.

First week of classes, swamped with work don’t know where anything is, papers to write don’t know where to get the information from? I can help because here at langsdale we have everything you need to finish that paper. If you visit langsdale.ubalt.edu on the first page you can search for journals, articles or books. Need more help? We have numerous ways to get in contact with Librarians such as Chat with a librarian, IM a librarian, call us or even send us an email and we will respond ASAP to your questions. You think you have it under control feel free to browse our help guides located on the website or on the 1st floor when you visit the library. We’re here to help you so come on over and see the smiling warm faces :).

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