Using LibGuides for research help

This time of year you’re working on the next big project for the semester. Maybe it’s in a field you’re unfamiliar with, or maybe you know your topic, but you still need to find resources.

At Langsdale, we have library guides, or LibGuides, to help you research a topic. Each LibGuide gives databases, books, keywords, websites, reports and reference material to help you find all different types of sources. They’re located on the library website, under research help, by discipline. We also have some LibGuides created specifically for a course.

Our LibGuides allow you to give feedback, so if you’ve found an amazing website, or stumbled across a great journal or book that you’d like us to add, just let us know. We’re also developing more LibGuides to cover other topics. It helps to have information all in one place, and these are great starting points.

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