Do you want ebooks?

This is your student liaison, Dawn. Congratulations students – we have almost reached the ½ way mark of our semester. Finally!

I wanted to check in with you about a device that Langsdale may provide. Langsdale Library is conducting a poll to see if you would be interested in using eBooks. Like the kindle, an eBook is a lightweight device that electronically downloads books, newspapers, or magazines.
The eBook has many advantages as it saves on paper and provides a less burden in carrying books. However, is it for you? We wanted to get your feedback on whether you would use this device?

For me, I am more of a visual person. I need pages to turn rather than reading it on a screen. But, don’t listen to me; many people enjoy reading from an eBook. If the e book is something you would or wouldn’t like to see, than let us know. Your feedback counts.

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