When you’re finished with books you’ve browsed…

Have you ever been shopping, brought stuff with you to the dressing room, and were unsure of what to do with the merchandise after you’d finished trying it on? Some folks opt to put clothing back on the rack where they originally found it; others hang the contents of their reject pile on the return rack for salespeople to deal with later. Here at Langsdale, we don’t want you to have to play the guessing game. If you’ve pulled a book off the shelf, given it a once-over, and are finished with it, just drop it on one of the return carts located nearby. There is no need for you re-shelve it yourself—that’s what library staff is here for. Also, did you know that Langsdale keeps statistics on books that are perused in-house? We use the stats to determine patrons’ reading habits, which informs our future book purchases. Please help us keep our library tidy, and our statistics on your reading preferences current: just drop books, periodicals, and government documents in the return cart. Thanks!

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