Langsdale to move books from the 3rd floor in latest renovation plan

If you have visited your library recently, you may have noticed some changes.  When you first enter the building, you will now see the circulation desk straight ahead, and an open work space to your right. 

Our government documents were moved to the basement in order to create space for study rooms on the second floor (coming soon!).

In the latest plans for renovation, Langsdale aims to create a large open space on the 3rd floor by removing all of the books.  Library Director Lucy Holman explains the motivation behind the plans: “When we removed the shelves of government documents from the second floor, we uncovered rows of golden carpet that had been hidden underneath the stacks for decades.  People really like them.  Unfortunately, we already have plans to replace the carpet and put study rooms in that area.  So this got me thinking about what might be under those shelves on the 3rd floor.”

The former home of our government documents collection is only a few walls away from becoming 4 new study rooms

As of now, the library has not determined where to put all of the books that are on the third floor, but the leading proposal is to move the existing bookshelves into the stairwell and have the books line the stairs as you go up and down the building.  The stairwells have a rather industrial look to them, and rows of books are sure to give a warmer feeling.

Be sure to stop by Langsdale Library to see our new look, and enjoy the rest of April.

“I can’t wait to see what color stripes we get on the 3rd floor” added Holman.

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  1. I'll be the first to say "April Fools." Stuff lives a for a long time on the Internet, and you don't want someone to see this in June and freak out. 🙂

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