Baltimore Summer Events!

If your own skin didn’t already inform you that it’s warm outside, there’s that overhead hum-drip of window-mounted air conditioners, the shimmering of heatwaves on every concrete surface, and the street vendors hollering about ice-cold snowballs and $1 bottles of water. In short, this week has brought summer on with an absolute furnace of tropical heat.

Fortunately, Baltimore offers a simmering sample of distractions on these roasting hot, clingingly humid days of summer. Here are a few festivals and events happening in the near future that are definitely worth checking out:

  • The Strand Theater’s 2011 Friends & Neighbors Festival from June 1-19
  • Federal Hill’s Jazz&Blues Wine&Art Festival on June 5
  • The Greek Folk Festival from June 9-12
  • HonFest from June 11-12
  • Baltimore Pride 2011 from June 17-19
  • The Maryland Traditions Folklife Festival on June 18
  • ROOTS Fest 2011: Many Communities, One Voice from June 22-26
  • LatinoFest 2011 from June 25-26
  • The African American Festival from July 2-3
  • Artscape from July 15-17

To see the MANY, MANY more events happening in and around Baltimore, visit OR

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