Need study space? We’ve got it!

Langsdale has been working hard this summer to make the library more study-friendly. Last semester we mixed things up by moving the Circulation and Reference desks to accommodate more study tables on the first floor, and we have since added four brand-new private study cubicles on the second floor. We are also in the process of upgrading the two “old” study rooms on the second floor to function as presentation practice rooms, so we’ll soon have spiffy new high-tech study space for your convenience.

In addition to the new tables on the first floor, the second floor study cubicles, and the presentation practice rooms, we have our usual two private study rooms on the third floor and roomy study space in the basement. The basement may sound scary, and it has looked scary in the past, but if you haven’t visited Langsdale in while, you’ll be surprised at how comfortable the basement has become. We’ve painted the walls, carpeted the floors, and added swanky new café-style tables near the vending machines. This area is perfect for grabbing a quick snack or cramming with that cost accounting book you’ve borrowed from our Reserves collection. And the basement is quiet. So if you can’t find peace on the first floor, the second floor, or the third floor, the basement is a great place to spread out and work.

Don’t wait for the end of August—come check us out now! It certainly can’t hurt to scope out the prime study areas before the semester starts AND we have plenty of new DVDs and leisure books available to make the trip worthwhile 🙂

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