Tina Fey’s Bossypants at the Library

Tina Fey’s memoir, Bossypants, has arrived at Langsdale Library. Part of the leisure reading collection, this popular title can be requested from the library’s catalog.

Fey’s feminism informs her humor, according to Adele Marley, a library technician at Langsdale, who recently read Bossypants. People are often “humorless about what they think or believe,” she continues.
Tina Fey apparently doesn’t have this problem.

In the Bossypants chapter “Peeing in Jars with Boys,” Fey talks about how, when she first started at Saturday Night Live, women were passed over for parts in skits, because there was some notion that men were funnier than women.

“There is an actual difference between male and female comedy writers,” Fey says, “and I’m going to reveal it now. The men urinate in cups. And sometimes jars.”

Fey talks about how times have changed. In the nine years she was at the show, the women in the cast took over.

Fey wants to see the day when comedians are always chosen for their funniness and not for their gender.

Adele wishes there had been more celebrity dirt in the memoir, though. One of the reasons she reads celebrity memoirs is to get some gossipy details. She has the feeling that Fey didn’t want to offend anyone.

“Over the years I came to realise that the movie star hosts of the show [Saturday Night Live] were just people who wanted to do a good job and (with the exception of a very small handful of d-bags) were eager for any guidance,” Fey writes. “Who were the d-bags, you ask? I couldn’t possibly tell you. But if you want to figure it out, here’s a clue: the letters from their names are sprinkled randomly through this article.”

Funny and informative? Yes. But not particularly juicy.

Librarian Natalie Burclaff , however, loved Bossypants. Librarian Catherine Johnson is up to page 70 and enjoying it so far.

For your chance to form an opinion on Tina Fey’s new memoir, Bossypants, visit the Langsdale Library catalog and request the book today.

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