Hello UB community

My name is Gabrion Fluellen and I will be serving as Langsdale Library’s communications intern this semester. I major in Corporate Communications and I am very proud to proclaim that my undergraduate education will be coming to a close this semester as I will be graduating. This summer I was faced with a very difficult decision: choosing an internship that would accommodate my schedule and skill set. While attending the University of Baltimore, I wanted to be more involved with my future alma mater. Taking the position as the Langsdale Library communications intern has led me to exactly that. Thus far, I have been blessed with the opportunity to meet Langsdale’s great staff, who have been instrumental in my process of becoming acclimated and comfortable in my new position. Although the semester has just begun, I can say that I have already been assigned to some exciting and challenging assignments. I have prepared myself for this awesome opportunity my entire undergraduate career and now it’s time to exhibit what I’ve learned. I plan to leave a lasting impression on my colleagues at Langsdale, and more importantly, leave my mark on the University of Baltimore.

Therefore, if you see me on campus, please make sure to say hello, as I will extend the friendliest welcome that I possibly can. If you see me in the library, please feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

See you on campus!

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