The Best Place to Study

Langsdale’s lobby, circa 1968

After the first few weeks of your freshman year are over, the giving out of syllabi has stopped and you finally feel like a true college student. You attend class punctually and attentively. You go home and 1) enjoy a long deserved nap, 2) eat until you can’t eat any longer, 3) begin to play your video game, 4) drown in your cellular device, or 5) bury yourself in a social networking site until sundown. Where am I going with this? Have you ever noticed how hard it is to remove the remote from your side and lift yourself from the couch, then attempt to pick up your textbook and complete your coursework? Coursework is tiring. Have you ever noticed how boring and time-consuming studying can be? Studying is one of those habits that if you don’t learn early you will struggle with later in your life. However, studying is NOT impossible.

Studying is by far the most important tool for becoming a better student. College, a great educating process, comes with a lot of demands. The positives of college courses are far greater than the negatives – like studying. Some students enjoy studying. They have plenty of time on their hands and they embrace the idea of eating apples while reading books. Some students prefer nighttime studying, some prefer daytime studying. Some students need complete silence and some students can read a whole novel while murdering their eardrums with loud music. Everyone has their own way of studying!

The best place to study, in my opinion, has to be in the library. I am a student who appreciates silence because I never have silence in my home, classes, or even in the car. I struggle with studying, so I value silence when I need to study. The University of Baltimore’s Langsdale Library has tons of books and tons of open space, especially for studying. The third floor is for quiet studying, but if you want to do group work, the second floor has group study rooms. Doing homework is extremely quick and easy when researching online using the library’s website, but books also carry a lot of valuable information. Most people like finding books on their own, but some do not. For students that wish to study in Langsdale Library, there are iPad kiosks that offer help with finding books so you won’t have to wait in line at the reference desk. The library has so much to offer, free Wi-Fi for students, printing, free spaces to study, free air/heat, and FREE CUPCAKES!!!! Oh wait! That was just during Welcome Week. Well my point is, Langsdale Library is no ordinary library… it’s the best place to study, even if your home is remotely quiet. Come over and enjoy the wonderful offerings at the library.

By Jasmine Gibson

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  1. I really love how quiet Langsdale is; It is practically one of the only places where I really can study or get work out of the way with unflinching focus.

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