Langsdale: A Student’s Perspective

As the student liaison for the library, I’m updated on changes and improvements happening at Langsdale. By asking students around campus, I got a better idea of their opinions on Langsdale’s progress. The students who frequently came to the library were generally more enthusiastic about Langsdale, while students who rarely came told me what might bring them in.

Anna  Alrub, a freshman jurisprudence major, has been to the library twice. When asked what changes she thinks the library should make, Anna suggested adding more color to make it more inviting.

Some students focused more on the library’s service than environment. Shelby Cook, a junior government and public policy major, frequently comes to the library to get help. She went on to add that the librarians were friendly and knowledgeable. Barbara Sherrod, a junior English major, frequently visits Langsdale to get work done quietly. When I questioned Barbara about what she would like to see improved, she said, “more material in circulation,” more books.

Langsdale has been keeping up with the demands of students by adding a much-needed LCD-touchscreen scanner to the first floor. Also, we’ve added iPad kiosks to help you locate books and find reserves quickly. One useful new feature, released by Langsdale last semester, is the mobile site for on-the-go convenience.
This spring semester, Anna might want to come back to the library: the third floor is currently being re-modeled to provide more quiet study space.

Langsdale is focused on improvements that make the library experience more accommodating and comfortable for all.

                     -Jasmine Gibson

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