Get Some Rest … and then Get Back to Work

via Flicker (schani)

The most important thing for most college students is sleep. Of course, there are your grades, work, and final exams, but, I feel the most important thing is sleep. So please take my advice: SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP. The majority of college students suffer from sleep deprivation. As a college student, I understand it’s really hard to get 8 full hours of sleep every night, especially around this time with exams.

Once exams are over, relax… and then, check to see if you have a work-study award. Langsdale is looking for students that have work-study awards to work in its circulation department next semester. You can check your award status in “My Student Center” in myUB. Click “View Financial Aid” and if you have work-study, you can apply to Langsdale Library. I’m currently a worker at Langsdale and the experience is amazing.

Concluding remarks: Sleep and relax during finals. Study hard but don’t overwork yourself. After exams, apply to Langsdale and get your work on!

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