Friday is Librarian-Work-Out-Video Day

It’s not really. But, oh my God, what if it was?! Imagine.

Anyway, it is Friday. I didn’t lie about that. And I am, as I’m sure all of you are, very tired. I’ve had to walk to work in the rain way too many times this week. I’ve had to deal with the hordes of swarming shoppers nervously buying every loaf of bread and carton of milk in sight because the seasonal thunderstorms that were, at the time, approaching us had an exotic name (Derecho) reminiscent more of a lucha libre fighter than a natural, and not all that exciting, weather event*. Then to add to my Illiad of inconveniences (as Thomas Phynchon would put it), I spilled coffee on my shoes, stepped in a puddle, and overslept because of a blown fuse (though the latter had nothing to do with the storm, but was the result of my girlfriend turning the air conditioner up too high).

So, now that the week is about over and the bold, red headlines that spelled doom and Apocalypse are gone from the Weather Channel’s home page, we can rest easy and await a weekend that looks to be mild and clear — that is, if we can still trust in weathermen that have given us little reason to.

And what better way to end a rainy week (or any week, for that matter) than watching a ridiculous and slightly creepy video of librarians doing aerobics to the sweet sounds of Van Halen (amongst a slew of other 1980’s gems).


By Adam Shutz

*Though sounding slightly inauspicious and, maybe more to the point, like something that will beat you up or run you over, Derecho actually just means “straight winds.” Pretty anticlimactic, I know. But well suited to the week, as it turns out.

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  1. Apparently, when people from Virginia Tech originally named their Interlibrary Loan system ILLiad, some of the professors chaffed at using a misspelling of Homer's epic poem.

    Fortunately, since it is the librarians who create the cataloging records, we can still find copies of the work, even when you search for it with two "l"s.

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