Fourth of July – Book Style

Bayasaa (via flicker)

Hanging out with your family and friends this Fourth of July? That’s so outdated. This year, celebrate it with the books. You can never go wrong with a book that’ll help you relax and enjoy the wonderful days of summer.  July 4th is Independence Day. Take time to independently read and relax away from everyone until you finish your latest summer novel (and still enjoy a bit of patriotic craziness).

The summer calls for fun, and reading is fun. Well, at least to me. I’m a student worker at Langsdale and I’m an obsessive book reader. The only negative consequence to my reading addiction is poor time management. I’m always so hooked on books that I pay little attention to anything else around me.

This year I have it all planned out: I’ve arranged my day to cook food, help clean up before the big cookout, and then escape and read my latest pick up: Ladies’ Night by Mary Kay Andrews. This new novel should take me about three hours.  Right when I finish, I pictured my mother yelling that the food is ready. A perfect holiday! There’s family, books, and fun. Who’d pass up that opportunity? Figuring that you all do not celebrate the same way as me, this is my tip to you. Take on my new found tradition. Imagine finishing your novel just as the fireworks erupt – pure magic! Enjoy your holiday and don’t forget to read this summer.


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