Pardon Our Dust

Our third floor move.

So it’s finally happening: Langsdale is–right now, as I type–moving. Our shelves are slowly being emptied of their books, office dust bunnies and lost, favorite pens revealed as the movers move file cabinets and bookshelves. Traffic jams of moving boxes and carts of books in uninterrupted streams to the elevator. It can be a hassle. Trying to get to the bathroom on the 3rd floor feels like you’ve been placed in a giant game of Frogger, while the 2nd floor is like a ghost town.

It’s somewhat shocking to see it all actually happening, but exciting, nonetheless.

And as I’m sure you could intuit from the description above, our resources are going to be limited the next couple of days. The 2nd and 3rd floors are closed to the public–the first floor will remain open today and tomorrow–and book loans are currently on hold.

We will open in our new location on May 27th at
noon, but please be patient with us while we get ourselves back together in the Learning Commons. We’re moving as fast as we can, and hope to be ready to serve students and staff during the summer semester.

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