Where’s Langsdale?

On the left is is portrait of R. Loran Langsdale, for whom Langsdale Library is named. He has been peering out over the circulation desk in Langsdale Library for years. But now that we are operating on the 3rd and 4th floor of the Learning Commons, it is hard to know where everything is. So where is this portrait now?  And more importantly, where are all of the books, DVDs, staff, computers and study spaces. Rest assured that we have taken everything with us, but if you ask where something is, many of the staff haven’t become fully used to our new surroundings, so it may take a little while longer than usual to answer. So here is a quick, albeit not comprehensive guide, guide to where things are in our new location:

3rd Floor

 A service desk.

 Our DVD Collection

The books!

There are some tables, study rooms, study carrels, staff offices, print journals, and probably a few things I forgot on this floor as well.
And up the stairs…
to the

4th Floor

Computers (lots of them actually)
A service desk
Study Rooms

There are a few more staff offices, printers, a large open study area with tables and chairs for group study and did I mention a lot of computers?
So, come in and have a look around and let us know what you think of our new space.  But don’t get too comfortable. We will be moving back to our old location after it is renovated, in a few years.

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