Making a spectacle of ourselves.

Experimental Literature at Langsdale
Display Case Curated by Tim Paggi (MFA Spring ’15)
Our inaugural library display in our new Learning Commons home combines our outreach to students and expertise and special interests of the staff. This display of our library hidden gems has been created by Tim Paggi. Tim is an academic triple threat, close to earning his MFA, teaching a section of WRIT 100 and working as a student assistant in the Book and Document Delivery department here at Langsdale.


Here Tim provides us with a brief introduction to his display;

Drawing from Langsdale’s wide literary selection, this display is organized under the broad theme of the “experimental.” These works challenge the conventions of traditional thought, and introduce readers to a variety of new, and often fun, approaches to reading. Included in this selection is work by the canonical avant-garde (beat William Burroughs, absurdist Eugene Ionesco), as well as surprising, obscure finds (conceptual poet Mei-Mei Bersenbrugge, prison-poet Shaka N’Zinga).

Also included in the display are examples of Concrete Poetry, Found Poetry, Alt-Lit Internet Poems and Speculative Fiction. Check it out!

Please visit and check out this display, that’s right, feel free to choose a book from the display and check it out on you library Bee Card.


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  1. I just saw that display. Looks intriguing! I will check it out. I'm taking an Experimental Forms writing class here at UB next semester, so this might be a great way to get inspired!

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