Resource Sharing at Langsdale Library

What is Resource Sharing you ask?

It’s based on a simple concept; no library will be able to own everything its users need. In Langsdale Library’s Book & Document Delivery Department we share our resources with other libraries so that we may be able to borrow resources that you need and we do not own from other libraries. We love to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible so that you can achieve success in the classroom and beyond.

What you don’t see:

After you place an InterLibrary Loan request, you receive an email when the item is available for online viewing or pick-up from our Circulation Desk. To facilitate this process, we partner with local Baltimore area libraries, regionally with University System of Maryland & Affiliated Institutions and nationally withLVIS libraries. And if none of those fantastic libraries can provide what you need, we’ll go even further to get your resources, even internationally. We love to get you stuff!

Cool Stuff we ordered recently:

Of course, we like to save you money by obtaining required reading for your classes. But sometimes you need to do serious research and look at cool stuff. Recently, one of our faculty requested an obscure film about Allen Ginsberg. Two libraries in the entire world own a copy of the film. One of the libraries, located in Belgium, agreed to send it to us. A recent graduate student requested a dissertation that is housed in Kuala Lumpur at the University of Malaya on microfiche, an old storage format. And a recent undergraduate wanted to look at some color copies of a magazine from the 1950’s. We were able to obtain all of these and more. That was just the past couple of weeks!

How far away do ILL items travel?

We have obtained material from the opposite side of the earth, from Australia and New Zealand. We are truly a global operation. So please put us to work. Request some popular reading or something really crazy and we will do our best to get you the resources you need. We look forward to serving you!

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  1. I remember books from Germany (in German) coming in through interlibrary loan for Professor Magida when he was working on his book the Nazi Seance (which, by the way, we have a copy of at Langsdale Library.)

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