Library Use

Author Gary Pattillo, writing briefly in CR&L News about a soon to be published study investigating the relationship of library usage to student outcomes, notes that at Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky where the study was undertaken, “freshman and sophomore students using the university library as a place to study are more likely to have positive outcomes as measured by retention, graduation, and grade point average. Juniors and seniors see positive outcomes when using the library as an information resource, rather than only as a place to study.”

Here at Langsdale Library we understand the use of the library is one piece of the overall experience of a successful UB student.  The library staff is always looking to enhance its understanding of library use and in the coming months will be doing so in a more structured manner.

Why do you use the library?  To check out books/media?  To use items on reserve?  To get help with research papers?  To use a group study room?  To use a computer?  To use a scanner?

Let us know your thoughts about why you use the library.  Thanks!

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