Discourse Community Participation

Many of you have been finding your discourse communities this Spring.  Now that you’ve found it, you should participate!  By contributing to the community you can also add to your resume.

Historians, Political Scientists, Pre-law, and Business Managers should look into The Papers of the War Department transcription project.  Supported by the Center for History and New Media, the crowd sourced transcription uses Scripto, custom software built by CHNM.  By creating an account and transcribing the documents you will not only get a mini history lesson on the inner workings of a government agency during a period of geographic expansion and political upheaval, but you’ll also learn about larger issues like U.S. foreign policy, states rights, U.S./Indian relations (period terminology), elections and position appointments of officials, treatment of soldiers, and general policy development.

Biologists, English majors, Ecologists, and American Historians will become immersed in the Smithsonian Archives collection when the join the Transcription Center as a Volunpeer.  Engaging in peer-to-peer discourse and transcribing artifacts that range in type from journals of explorers to the daily logs of avian specialists.  These unique artifacts offer a window into a given time period as well as give you first hand accounts of people experiences in America.

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