Langsdale: “the Intellectual Heart of the University”

Published Nov. 16, Baltimore Business Journal featured Langsdale Library and our exciting renovations in an article by Melody Simmons. In it she interviews Lucy Holman, Dean of the Library, and Kurt Schmoke, UB President and former Baltimore mayor.
The new library “will be a library as place,” said Holman. It will be a space to bridge research and academic projects, “an investment in the future of information science.” Schmoke hails the ultra-modern design as a symbol to the UB and Baltimore community that Langsdale and UB are looking to the time ahead, educating people for careers of the future.
The $23.8 million redevelopment is well underway and is scheduled to be complete by late 2017 with its reopening planned for early 2018.

Read the full article here.

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