The Joy of Archives

Holiday billboards on Antique Row. From the BLI Collection. 

University of Baltimore has a brief holiday respite coming up this week– a perfect time to reflect on what is sparking joy for us in Langsdale Library Special Collections. To wit:

  • Some cool new acquisitions are amping up our regional and historical holdings, and are providing valuable resources for University of Baltimore, its students, faculty, and the community at large. Want to learn history from the source? Pick out an archival box or two and visit us (click here to make an appointment.)
  • We’ve found that promoting archival discovery makes for happy researchers, including these patrons (below right) who found artifacts relating to the Towson YMCA,

    Patrons posing after perusing the YMCA Records in the Research Room

    for the purpose of planning the branch’s 60th anniversary celebration next year. 

  • We love getting good press– Special Collections was cited as “one of the hidden treasures of the city” in a recent Baltimore Business Journal article about the ongoing renovation of the former library building at 1420 Maryland Avenue. 
  • Our backlog of data entry in ArchivesSpace is nearly complete (go SC team!), which will make searching for items, archival boxes, and artifacts easier than ever. (Need help finding what you’re looking for? Email us.)
  • The view from Special Collections’ offices reminds us every day that Baltimore is beautiful.
  • Activism and community engagement is our jam. We love safeguarding the legacy of individuals, communities and organizations who make history happen in Baltimore.

Street Feeding, 1986. Robert Breck Chapman Collection

Langsdale Library and Special Collections wishes you a wonderful Thanksgiving ?.

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