It’s Here -The Touchjet Pond!

There’s new technology in the library and we’re ready to show you what it can do!

At its basic level the Touchjet Pond is a portable projector. But ultimately it’s a portable touchscreen tablet that can be projected onto any surface. 
The Pond has wireless and Bluetooth capability. It can project an image from 12 to 80 inches on any surface. With the power of 80 lumens it can produce a nice display that allows its users to interact with it via the stylus pens and the air mouse that come with it.  
There are several ports on the back, one that allows you to connect it to a USB drive for external storage. It has 16 GB of internal storage, but the external option gives more flexibility for sharing. Which comes in handy for libraries! Plus, there is always the cloud! Also, there’s an HDMI adapter that allows you to connect the Pond to laptops and desktops so they can be mirrored and projected onto a larger surface. It has both AC and DC power. Once it’s charged it can move around for a few hours without the bothersome cord.
The Pond comes equipped with an Android operating system, so you can connect and download apps from Google’s Play store. This gives you the flexibility to choose between the wide varieties of apps to suit your needs. We’ve taken the initiative and preloaded apps like, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe. There are many educational apps as well as fun gaming apps that may be useful in a classroom. Its interactive capability gives you many options. You may also choose to login to your Netflix or Hulu account and watch a movie, just don’t forget to logout when you’re done!
We are giving a demo for librarians next week and then for faculty in January. Once we’ve educated them, be sure to ask about it and learn how to see what it can do for your class!
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