New to the Archives in 2017

Definition from the Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology

So far this year, the library’s Special Collections department has accessioned four brand new archival collections about 20th century Baltimore history. We’re proud of this accomplishment! But what does that really mean?

The Society of American Archivists’ Glossary of Archival and Records Terminology  defines the verb ACCESSION in the following way: “To take legal and physical custody of a group of records or other materials and to formally document their receipt.”

You might be asking yourself what types of materials our new collections contain. Many formats are represented, including:

Correspondence, legal case files, newspaper clippings, immigration records, FBI records, historical research files, newsletters, bylaws, reports, conference proceedings, meeting minutes, maps, historical narratives, event flyers, neighborhood data, grant applications, architectural profiles, videos, photographs, audiotapes

But, more importantly for most researchers, what subjects do these collections cover? Although in no way complete, here’s a preview of some of the topics documented in this year’s archival acquisitions:

Community organizing, citizen participation, social work, the anti-war movement, nonviolence, African-American dancers, woman-owned businesses, cultural arts, antipoverty programs, public arts education, black arts movement, civil rights, legal history, desegregation of higher education, racially restrictive covenants, antiwar activism, religious freedom, expatriates, neighborhood history, historic preservation, rezoning, African American history, history of the Catholic Church in Maryland, architectural history, citizen engagement, local politics

So what are the names of these incredible collections? Their titles, with links to their archival database records, are provided below:

Want to know more? Browse the complete Baltimore Regional Studies Archives database and find primary sources for your research today!

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