Leaving a Legacy Honoring the History of Archive Donors


Professor Mo Speller (Johns Hopkins University) and his students took great advantage of the wealth of resources at  UB’s Special Collections and Archives in the Learning Common Building. To learn more Click Here

Many people have benefited from the unique archival materials we have here at UB Special Collections and Archives department. The collections inspire countless researchers, students and faculty to learn more about the artifacts they’ve uncovered.


University of Baltimore Special Collections and Archives Department

There’s  more to archives than collecting and storing documents. The donors, who contributed their life’s work to the archives, play a very important part in creating the bridge that allows us all to take a glance into the past.

Why did the donors decide to give their items to the archives?

When asked, many of our donors would say, “It’s about the legacy.” Our donors would like their legacy of work shared to the world.

Norman-Ross-1980-AFRAM   Robert Breck Chapman Photographs
From Joan Harris: Baltimore City Public Schools Social Work Services Records Collection

In honor of the history of donors, UB Special Collections and Archives would like recognize the historic contributions from donors and patrons who have added to the growth and prosperity of the archives by creating a series exhibits highlighting their work in the community.

Special Collections and Archives will continue to provide this valuable service; collecting, safeguarding and ensuring the records continue to be made available for future generations.

Joan Harris Collection: Baltimore City Public Schools Social Work Services Records Collection


Norman E. Ross and John “Kinderman” Taylor : Robert Breck Chapman Collection
Eva Anderson Baltimore Dance Theater Collection

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