Congratulations to the Winners and Participants of Inspired Discoveries 2019!

Great job to everyone who participated in the 2019 Inspired Discoveries symposium on May 3, 2019!

Congratulations to William Herman, who won the research prize for his presentation, WWII and the Baloo and to Juan Pablo Soto, William Hyland, Larysa Paliaschuk, Osman Martinez, John Manlucu, and Eric Ra, who won the creative prize for their presentation, Augmented Reality Guidance and Operating System (ARGOS).

The beginning of William Herman’s winning research presentation.

Each year at the Inspired Discoveries symposium, students create presentations to highlight their research and creative endeavors at the University of Baltimore. Student presentations can be poster sessions, exhibits, panel presentations, or presented papers. Students can present projects including their original research or creative works individually or as a team. Original research can focus on any topic and creative works can include various formats such as video games, creative writing, or other design projects. Awards are given to the best project selected by judges both in the research and creative categories.

As always, judges were very impressed by all of the projects at this year’s symposium! The topics students presented covered a variety of subjects including biodiversity, history, public defense, augmented reality, psychology, and so much more. Every participant should be proud of their hard work!

The beginning of the winning creative presentation by Juan Pablo Soto, William Hyland, Larysa Paliaschuk, Osman Martinez, John Manlucu, and Eric Ra

Inspired Discoveries is a collaboration of the Robert L. Bogomolny Library, the Helen P. Denit Honors Program, the Office of Sponsored Research and the Office of the Provost. This symposium is part of an ongoing effort to recognize and encourage undergraduate research and other academic achievements.

The RLB Library would like to also send out a special shout out to a few students this year! For their projects, two students, William Herman and Bedell Terry, both utilized the UB Special Collections & Archives at the RLB Library in their projects. Primary research in archives can be difficult, but it is always rewarding. You never know what history you’ll learn!

William used collections in the University Archives to delve into the history of the University of Baltimore for his presentation, WWII and the Baloo. He researched student publications including the student newspaper the Baloo, the student yearbook, The Reporter, and others.

You can learn more about the archives’ student publications and view digitized publications holdings through the collection finding aid for the Student Publications Collection. You can also make an appointment to view these materials at the Special Collections & Archives.

You can also view an exhibit featuring digitized student publications online in our Exhibits from University Archives.

Bedell used the Frederick “Fritz” Bachman Correspondence collection for his presentation Artifict Presentation – Frederick “Fritz” Bachman Correspondence. The small archival collection contains letters written by Bachman, an American enlisted in the Canadian Forces during the First World War. The correspondence is from Canada, Great Britain, and Iraq where Bachman participated in the British Mesopotamia Campaign. An interesting topic for research and presentation!

If you’re interested in using this collection or others, search the Archive’s collections database and make an appointment to visit the Special Collections & Archives!

The RLB Library again congratulates all participants of Inspired Discoveries 2019!

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