Speak Pirate (and over 70 languages) with Mango!

“Ahoy, matey! Belay your carousin’ ” [Hey there! Stop your messing around] and start learning to speak Pirate. Or choose from over 70 other languages and dialects on Mango, an online language learning resource available on the library’s A-Z list of databases. Mango’s Pirate course is a fun way to discover the language-learning resources on Mango. In addition to Pirate, you can learn other tongues, such as the different regional branches of Arabic (Egyptian, Iraqi, Levantine and Modern Standard) and Spanish (Castilian and Latin American), or even Russian slang. There are also specialty language courses that focus on particular fields of work such as Business Spanish, Medical Spanish and Legal Spanish. And if you want to perfect your English-speaking skills if English is your second language, Mango’s English course is taught from over 20 source languages.

Each language module is presented by native speakers teaching vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation and culture through listening and reading activities, with practical applications. For example, if you are a vegetarian, you can learn to ask in Italian if there is meat in a dish [C’è carne dentro? Sono vegetariana quindi non mangio carne.]

Mango is ideal if you are planning a study abroad semester or international travel for a conference. Or, if you’re just dreaming of an exotic vacation, explore all the languages Mango has to offer and be inspired!

Beach umbrellas, Chicken Island, Krabi, Thailand

And don’t forget you can impress your friends by speaking Pirate!



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