What Are You Reading? With Aiden Faust

As we are all teleworking, learning from home, working from home, etc. due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the RLB Library hopes you are able to continue reading and learning about your interests. We are continuing our What Are You Reading? blog series to share a few new titles and reading ideas! 

The What Are You Reading? blog series highlights books recommended by the RLB Library staff. Follow the blog to learn what we are all reading and find ideas for your next page-turner!

April is National Poetry Month and we hope you enjoy reading Aiden’s thoughts on a book of poetry in his own words:

Name: Aiden Faust, Associate Director of Special Collections and Archives

What have you been reading? I Must Be Living Twice: New and Selected Poems by Eileen Myles

Why did you choose this book? 

Myles is featured in a documentary film I recently saw at the Parkway called Queer Genius. After the screening, I sought out a few examples of their work, including I Must Be Living Twice and Chelsea Girls. I was drawn to certain biographical details about the poet (including their working class, Irish-Catholic background), as well as their writing style, which strikes me as unflinchingly direct. 


I took this book with me on a silent meditation retreat in January and read it cover to cover, twice. It proved an excellent companion text on the train to Boston, and in the solitude of winter evenings on retreat. I felt like travel created space for Myles’ voice, or perhaps for my ability to listen. Upon returning home, I was delighted to pick up a copy of Aloha/Irish Trees, an audio recording of Myles reading their own work live, pressed on clear vinyl. 

How does this compare with what you typically read?

In recent years, I’ve read nonfiction almost exclusively–mostly academic history monographs. This book of poetry felt like a homecoming, 20 years in the making.

April is National Poetry Month! Are you interested in reading poetry or exploring the work of new poets? Don’t have a new book of poetry to delve into right now? Check out Poets.org where you can find the works of poets and read something new every day.

Looking for your next book? Remember, RLB Library offers e-books for the UB community that are still accessible online though the campus buildings are currently closed. Learn more about our e-books with this LibGuide! When campus reopens, you can visit us and dive into a book of poetry you find in the stacks!

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