De-Stress with the RLB Library!

It’s that time of the semester. Do you feel like you are drowning in papers, projects and studying with the semester ending soon?  The RLB Library knows you are experiencing immense stress, especially during the pandemic, and it’s important you take care of yourself mentally and physically. To help you de-stress, the RLB Library’s Alisha Curtis has put together a guide with suggestions to take a break–by watching a funny video or animal cam, strolling in a local park, doing yoga to stretch out the kinks from sitting too long, or putting together an online jigsaw puzzle.

You can also explore these resources from the RLB Library to help you briefly chill out:

These are just a few of the resources you can access. Don’t forget we have many online resources and services available 24/7 for you, including librarians on chat who can help you with your questions and Writing Center staff who can provide feedback on your paper. The RLB Library is here for you—we can help you get through this semester! (But don’t procrastinate!)

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