From the “Langsdale Link”: The Ways We Read Books

At the end of last year, sometime right around the beginning of the holiday shopping season, it seemed editors and writers in just about every popular-news-and-editorial-based magazine and website were complaining that publishing was coming to an end as we Continue reading From the “Langsdale Link”: The Ways We Read Books

Columbus and a Sea of Blue Ideas

Columbus Breaking the Egg (Christopher Columbus) by William Hogarth For a scientist — or anyone for that matter — to proclaim the discovery of a physical thing (a country, a particle, a planet, a new species of fish) has always Continue reading Columbus and a Sea of Blue Ideas

Graven and digital tablets: new technology at Langsdale

Langsdale On the Go! kiosk It is difficult to disassociate libraries with books. Drive down any main street in the US and chances are you will run across a public library marked with the logo of a silhouetted human-type-figure sitting Continue reading Graven and digital tablets: new technology at Langsdale

Open Data Applications

Hi! I’m Pete Ramsey, one of the Reference and Instruction librarians at Langsdale Library, and I also teach the Information Literacy (IDIS 110) course in first-year student learning communities. In my course, I like to include a segment where students Continue reading Open Data Applications

New technology at Langsdale

 Printing Press circa 1811; Deutsches Museum Munich, Germany  Technology has become a part of our everyday lives. With the growing desire for faster and easier technology, the staff at Langsdale is always striving to keep up with the Continue reading New technology at Langsdale

Discovering Our Hidden Resources

On the move: Arabbers on Baltimore streets (Sept-Oct 1969)  The Special Collections Department is often an overlooked resource at Langsdale Library. It doesn’t help that it is located on the fourth floor, housed behind locked doors and open by appointment Continue reading Discovering Our Hidden Resources

Fewer clicks, no extra passwords

Langsdale Library is always looking for ways to make things easier and faster for faculty and students. Well, we have successfully made retrieving E-reserves as simple as 1 click.  Watch the before and after demonstration. Then try it out for Continue reading Fewer clicks, no extra passwords