Finding AV in Special Collections

There have been a few blog posts written before about the WMAR-TV and WJZ-TV Collections, but today I would like to discuss the process of actually finding and accessing an AV item that is requested. First, how might researchers even Continue reading Finding AV in Special Collections

Upcoming Local (Un)Conference

Image credit: View of the Battle Monument, John Rubens Smith (1775-1849), 1828. Library of Congress, LC-DIG-ds-01545. Love Baltimore? Interested in local history and culture? If so, check out the upcoming Bmore Historic Unconference, October 10th at the Maryland Historical Society. Registration opens soon and Continue reading Upcoming Local (Un)Conference

Space, Size, and Videotapes

The Langsdale Library Special Collections Department has finished our move from the library’s previous building to our current location in the University of Baltimore’s Learning Commons. We were scheduled after the rest of the library and took over twice as Continue reading Space, Size, and Videotapes

Bmore Historic Unconference

Now’s your chance to register for this year’s Bmore Historic unconference, which will be held Friday, October 11th at the Maryland Historical Society. What is Bmore Historic? According to the event website, it’s “a participant-led unconference for scholars, students, professionals Continue reading Bmore Historic Unconference