The History of the University of Baltimore

There are multiple ways to learn more about the history of the UB. The UB photographs and Yearbook collections are the best way to start. The University of Baltimore Photographs Collection includes images from the University Archives that depict the Continue reading The History of the University of Baltimore

Archives Are for Everyone

When some people think of archives, they imagine documents and artifacts that are rarefied, specialized, and only available through tightly monitored access. While preservation does require that archives are arranged systematically and treated with care, archival materials are not meant Continue reading Archives Are for Everyone

The Other Side of Summer

Dance Troupe, 1972. Robert Breck Chapman Collection. Via flickr When I decided last week to do a seasonal library display of items in Special Collections with a theme of “summertime leisure”, I couldn’t imagine a fluffier, less serious topic. I Continue reading The Other Side of Summer