Need to put the “work” into your work-study award? Buzz into our hive.

If you’re a busy bee during the school year who metamorphoses into a worker bee on occasion, ideally you should find a gig that will not only line your pockets, but will enhance your academic life. UB students with a work-study award as part of their financial aid package should consider applying to Langsdale Library. We have openings in our Circulation and Access Services departments, and we’re recruiting now for fall semester.

The best thing about working at Langsdale, according to work-study students past and present, is that it’s a fun place to be, and it’s a job that’s conducive to learning. Lisa Ferguson (’13) says that being able to interact with a diverse range of people is one of her favorite things about working at the circulation desk.

“You get to work with people, and you see how the library works from a patron standpoint and a work standpoint. You interact with patrons, with Langsdale staff, with [Langsale director] Lucy—it really enriches your professionalism,” Lisa explains. “A lot of jobs, you don’t necessarily get to talk to the head of the departments, or the director… Here, staff is very accessible, to me, to patrons, and everybody else.”

Both Lisa and former work-study student (and current Langsdale Administrative Assistant) Adam Shutz (’11) are wowed by having near-constant access to DVDs, leisure reading, research materials, magazines and newspapers.

“I love having every book at my disposal, all day, every day,” Adam enthuses.

Langsdale Circulation staff will provide on-the-job training, and you’ll learn valuable skills that will help you better navigate the library and access crucial academic resources. Another perk of working at Langsdale is that scheduling is flexible, so you can set times to work that will help you balance your busy life as a student.

Interested? Please have a cover letter, resume, and a copy your work-study award ready, and submit them through the UB Works website. If you have any questions, please contact Circulation Supervisor Tammy Taylor at, .

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