The Black Butterfly Art Exhibit at the RLB Library

Come and explore the Black Butterfly Exhibit, which draws inspiration from the widely-acclaimed book “The Black Butterfly” by Dr. Lawrence Brown. Join us in honoring April as Fair Housing month, an issue Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. passionately advocated for, while reflecting on the tragic events of April 4th, the day of MLK’s assassination.

Terrell Brown, an artist and creative strategist, conceptualized this outstanding traveling exhibit which debuted at the Baltimore School for the Arts in January of this year. The artwork is crafted by visual arts students(and alumni) attending the Baltimore School of the Arts (BSA), and Archie Veale, BSA Art Director, who serves as the lead curator.

It is our honor to have the University of Baltimore’s Integrated Arts Graphic Design Students contributing to the exhibit’s online presence, digital design, and context surrounding the students’ art pieces.

RLB Library is excited to present its third art exhibit this Spring. The University of Baltimore RLB Library’s Community Exhibition program is dedicated to providing a platform for showcasing the talents, innovations, and achievements of our campus community and beyond. Our mission is to engage, educate, and inspire diverse audiences through innovative and thought-provoking exhibitions that promote critical thinking, cultural awareness, and social responsibility.

The contributions of the Center for Urban Health Equity at Morgan State University and the Billie Holiday Center for Liberation Arts at Johns Hopkins Krieger School of Arts & Science have helped to make our community exhibition program a success, and we are grateful for their continued support. We are proud to partner with these outstanding organizations and look forward to continuing to collaborate on impactful exhibitions that uplift and inspire our community.

Don’t miss the opening reception on April 4th, 2023, from 5pm-7pm at RLB Library located at 1420 Maryland Ave. in Baltimore, MD 21201.

The exhibition will be open up until May 7th


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